Commemorating The Battle of Marathon

This coming Sunday, the 12th of September 2017, mark 2500 years since the epic battle of Marathon, a battle that decided the fate of Europe and western thought.

The city of Marathon lies in the North East part of the prefecture of Attica about 43 kilometers from Central Athens and as per the PanHellenic census hosts about 8500 residents and occupies an area of about 97,000 square kilometers.

Marathon is accessible from central Athens through Messogeion avenue which leads to Marathon boulevard connecting Stavros to Marathon; or through the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport by taking the Attica Superhighway (Attiki Odos) Markopoulo exit and then driving through Artemis, to Rafina and then to the Rafina-Marathon interchange.

The Battle of Marathon Commemoration

The municipality of Marathon today announced that festivities will take place at the site of the battle of Marathon this coming Sunday the 12th of September 2017.

The festivities will include a tour of the site where the battle took place; the walk will include a visit to the tomb of the glorious Athenian soldiers, the Tropeo, the old quarry mines as well as the shrine of the Ancient Egyptian deities.

Those wishing to participate in the event are invited to congregate at the town square which lies next to the Marathon beachfront where the vastly superior in numbers Persian Fleet landed, and will include a regional walkabout to simulate the events that lead to the Athenian victory of 490 BC.

Readings, Music and Dance

Other events include readings from Herodotus and other ancient texts, presentations from different celebrities and athletes including Maria Polyzou the first Greek woman to engage the Marathon all accompanied by ancient Greek music played on instruments such as the Avlos, twin Avlos and the Lyre.

Environmental Protection

The goal of the event aside from commemorating the epic battle and paying respect to the fallen freedom fighters is to once again draw attention to the region’s challenges and environmental issues.

Marathon hosts a rare ecosystem abundant in natural beauty, lush vegetation contrasted by an extraordinary beachfront and rare pine. The distinct character of the region and extraordinary beauty has been mentioned in countless works including those of the Athenian Epic Poet Aeschylus (The Persians).

The activities and celebrations will be finalized by the municipality’s holding of the annual classical marathon which boasts a record attendance this year of about 22,000 participants.

The run will take place on the 31st of October 2017 from Marathon to the Panathinaikon stadium of Athens in remembrance and honor of Pheidippides.